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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
sometimes it doesnt.

Sometimes life sucks so much.

Sunday, April 13, 2003
MWAHAHAHAHAHA, I have music on my site!!! its here to make your ears BLEED! hahaha... not really. Its a really cool song tho. But this orchestra plays it like crap. Whats new on the website? I have a new source for my link, so if my previous link source is screwed up, then take the new one (either the one with animation or the one without). What new...

a big thankyou to mike haddad and mel who helped me set up this site!!!

im bored, too bored to write more. So... if anyone is wondering, that song that you're listening to (and should be squaredancing to TOO), is called pop's hoedown by richard hayman! Go hoedown music!

Saturday, April 12, 2003
Woohoo, like my groovy link? Thats what I did last night, but could only get it up this morning. Last night I spent all night trying to memorize a stupid story in chinese ├žause it was a big oral mark I had to do for today (chinese school on saturdays!...) its kinda like french class. Anyway, the story-telling got moved to 2 weeks from now, so im screwed again, 'cause il forget everything by then. More importantly...

I NEED TO BE ADDED ON TO PEOPLE's WEBSITES! See the link on the left? thats mine! yup, with the swinging crucifix of xenogears! put that link on your page! YES!!! DO IT!
Btw, im not a catholic fanatic... the cross doesnt represent catholicism! sheesh people, you gotta look at the bigger picture of XENOGEARS! woohoo, il write more;)

The traveling street fighter.

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

Friday, April 11, 2003
Today im trying to get this page looking nice.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
dammit. My computer froze and I lost 10 minutes of writing. Im tired. im not writing it out again.

I need to find out how to add in ads and links.


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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Hello. Its Mike Yip here, and its my first time doing this. I have to mention that Morganti showed me this, and Juniper started to do it too, and I noticed the infamous Haddad already had one going and I thought, I should do one too. So this is what im doing here, at 8:05 on this day, at my house, in oakville, ontario, canada, northern hemisphere, earth, solar system, milky way, galaxy, universe, ...

anyway, the point is is that Mike Yip has a LOT to talk about.

Mike Yip is SOOOOO cool.


ok, anyway back to the day. Today, I went to Holy Trinity for the second time in my life, and as luck would have it, im greeted by Morgan and Mike Haddad! woohoo! I saw so many familiar faces, it was great! I missed out on a few, namely veronica and tanja, but i see them occassionaly anyway. We had a crazy old woman talk about catholic education, which was pretty amusing because she reminded me of woody allen and she flung her arms like there was no tommorow and it looked like she was gonna get a heart attack or her arms were gonna rip off!!! it was great, and we listened to dr. seuss. Now, I got back home, and guess what?! my sis got into WESTERN!!! woohoo! got sis! and now im talking to mel, who I really have NO idea who she is, but she seems to know me. THe way I see it: the more women know me, the better! who cares if I know them or not!!! hahaha .... dont take that seriously. Anyway, il tell you about shad valley and how I got rejected from a job offer later. I must find a way to do music. Anyway, bye for now. SO IM BACK.. and im so screwed. I have no idea how to work this thing. Bye for now.

Wheres that cool music coming from, you ask? ... HERE!

(EVERYONE must listen to this. Do NOT turn it OFF!!!